Island/Cruise Purchase
You recently purchased a fine jewelry item while vacationing at an island or on a cruise. You’re home now and you realize that your appraisal lacks detailed description, grading and photos. The value appears “high”…. actually much “higher” than the sale price. Metro will gladly review your purchase, evaluate your item for “quality” standards and value and produce a very detailed appraisal report with photos for you to submit to your insurance company. If you have any questions, we will answer them. Our clients know that we are honest and “tell it like it is.” We are consumer advocates and have helped dozens of clients with merchant related issues over the years.

Internet Purchase
We are able to verify your internet purchase and make certain that any information provided by the seller is 100% accurate. If your diamond is “laser inscribed” with a report number, we can match the number to your laboratory report. We can also check for any quality issues such as thin prongs or incorrect setting of a diamond, chipped or damaged gemstones, etc. Our background in all phases of the jewelry industry including quality control makes us uniquely qualified to inspect your purchase. Jeff Ira, G.G. is an active trade participant on the premier diamond consumer website www.pricescope.com and has over 1300 posts. We are on your side and will give you the best possible advice.

Not sure if your item needs repair or can be repaired? Wondering if your chipped or cracked diamond can be re-cut or repaired to increase the beauty and value? We can estimate cost and recommend the best course of action. Metro specializes in jewelry repair and restoration services providing you with outstanding quality workmanship by expert craftsmen and master jewelers. Metro is fully insured with Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company.

We are just a phone call or text away to answer any of your questions . Please call or text us at 781- 306-0099 for a prompt reply.

Privacy Statement
Metro Jewelry Appraisers LLC will never sell, trade, or rent consumer information. Our communications are 100% confidential. We utilize encrypted systems provided by at least two separate cloud –based companies to store your documents.