Our Process


Metro Jewelry Appraisers will clean and inspect your jewelry before it is appraised. We will check your item for any needed repairs. A digital photograph will be taken of each item and will be included in your appraisal. Your jewelry never leaves your sight.

A thorough and detailed description of your jewelry item will be documented. Diamonds and colored gemstones will be measured for weight, graded for color, clarity, and cut and any important characteristics will be noted.

A detailed description of the mounting, manufacturing method and metal content will be noted as well as any other important information. We request that if you currently have a diamond grading report from a laboratory (GIA, AGS, etc) that you bring it with you so that we may verify the information on the report. We will, however, perform our own analysis first and then present our findings to you.

We will document the retail replacement value if your appraisal is for insurance purposes.

What you receive from Metro Jewelry Appraisers:

Appraisals performed by Metro Jewelry Appraisers are accepted by all major insurance companies.
We will be pleased to answer any questions that you may have regarding your jewelry during your appointment. Our goal is to educate the consumer and we will explain any jewelry related topic in easy to understand terms.

We pride ourselves on providing personalized and confidential services. Every appraisal requirement is unique and individual, therefore we do not quote prices by e-mail. For your highest degree of satisfaction and to achieve your appraisal objective, we kindly request that you call us for a confidential price quotation during business hours.

Thank you for choosing Metro Jewelry Appraisers. We look forward to seeing you soon!