Top ten frequently asked questions

1) Can you evaluate and appraise my jewelry while I wait and watch?

Absolutely. We encourage you to “look over our shoulders”, ask questions, and be involved in the appraisal experience. Your jewelry is important to you and we understand that. Our office is private, secure, and equipped with the very latest state-of-the-art gemological equipment. Your most cherished possessions never leave your sight.

2) How long does it take to do an appraisal?

This is a popular question that has multiple answers. It takes approximately 45-60 minutes to evaluate and document an item such as a diamond engagement ring. Multiple items require additional time. We would be happy to give you an estimate if you are able to furnish us with a list of your items.

3) What do you charge for an appraisal?

Another popular question that has multiple answers. We charge by the time it takes to do the job correctly at an hourly rate. Much like an accountant or any service related professional, it is difficult to quote a rate until we know the scope of the assignment. Estate appraisals are also quoted at an hourly rate. Please feel free to call us for an estimate at 781-306-0099.

4) Will your appraisal be accepted by my insurance company?

Yes. We have never had an appraisal rejected by an insurance company. Our documents are very comprehensive and detailed to assure you a similar replacement in the event of a loss. Our appraisals include multiple colored digital photos in high resolution. We are also happy to provide you with a copy of your appraisal in PDF or CD format for your convenience.

5) What do all those initials mean after an appraiser’s name?

GG= Graduate Gemologist (G.I.A.) Gemological Institute of America
ASG=Accredited Senior Gemologist (ASG) Accredited Gemologist Association
CGA=Certified Gemologist Appraiser (AGS) American Gem Society
These are the most common designations in the U.S. Each has its own website where you can learn more. Just remember, each designation has different standards and levels of education and experience.
Before you decide to hire any appraiser, examine the overall professional experience, background, education, and consumer testimonials.

6) It seems that many jewelry appraisers take themselves way too seriously and “preach” what is best for consumers as well as “do’s and dont’s.”

We agree! Stop the preaching! Appraisal organizations such as NAJA (National Association of Jewelry Appraisers) states that there is nothing “unethical” with owning more than one jewelry related business as long as it is disclosed to the client and does not interfere with the appraisal assignment. Some of the very best jewelry appraisers in the United States own retail jewelry stores, buying offices AND appraisal practices. One such appraiser recently was nationally recognized by the jewelry industry as tops in her field as both a “retail jeweler” and an “appraiser.” In fact, an appraiser who also is a specialist in other jewelry related areas is better equipped to do a more accurate appraisal because of daily interaction with manufacturers, estate dealers, diamond merchants, and custom designers.

7) My insurance company will accept an appraisal from my jeweler or the store where the item was purchased….so why do I need another appraisal?

An insurance company, in most cases, will accept just about any appraisal from anyone (there is no licensing or regulation of jewelry appraisers) unless it is written on a napkin. So we ask you to take a look at your current appraisal and ask yourself if it contains all the details of your item along with colored photos. If your item is lost or stolen, do you feel comfortable that you would receive an exact or very similar item as a replacement? You don’t need 10 pages of appraiser’s “fluff” to describe one item but you do need the very best accurate description and information in precise terms with values that make sense.

8) What can I expect when I visit your appraisal office?

Great question. A warm, sincere welcome….after all, you are a guest in our place of business. We will chat about the weather, clean your jewelry, ask what your appraisal needs are and how we can best serve you. We listen to your needs NOT ours! Our office is in a modern, secure building with free door step parking and state-of-the art security for your peace of mind. All jewelry evaluation is done while you wait and your documents will be processed either while-you-wait, within 24-48 hours or longer depending on the assignment. Each case is unique.

9) Can I stop in during my lunch break or after work…I only have one hour?

Certainly. An appointment is necessary but we are flexible and will attempt to accommodate your schedule. Unlike other appraisers who might turn a one hour appointment into a “bad thing” we feel that your convenience dictates doing a thorough and complete job in one hour, if it’s feasible. Our clients appreciate our superior attention to detail and professionalism.

10) Why should I choose Metro Jewelry Appraisers LLC? All jewelry appraisers are similar, right?

Not exactly. We could go on and on about our 34 years experience in the jewelry industry, but what makes Metro unique in the appraisal world is “scope of experience.” Our expertise involves actual experience in retail jewelry management and middle corporate management (people and training skills), and diamond grading and sorting at the wholesale level (we know diamonds!). Plus experience as an estate jewelry buyer (antique to contemporary). We have worked for such prestigious firms as Black Starr & Frost (district manager) and Long’s Jewelers (corporate appraiser).
And our obsession with information allows us to obtain up to the minute values on just about anything jewelry related. We belong to the major diamond trading floors (Polygon, International Diamond Exchange (IDEX), Rapaport, and New York Diamond Dealers (NYDDC).
We are a trusted source of information for consumers and actively participate in diamond consumer forums such as (over 1300 posts).
Just a sampling of our testimonials may be found on .
We truly appreciate your business and will strive to provide you with truly outstanding service!

Thank you for choosing Metro Jewelry Appraisers LLC.