We are here to help. We understand that this may be a difficult and sometimes emotional task but it’s a task that we perform on a very regular basis. Metro will sort, evaluate, and advise you regarding your jewelry. You can ask us anything and we will make comments and suggestions as we look at each item. You tell us how we can assist you in the most efficient and productive manner and then we will proceed. Some folks want us to sort through a large group of jewelry and separate the costume jewelry from the fine jewelry. Yes, we do that! Or you need to know karat gold vs. non-karat gold and sterling silver vs. silver plated. Yes, we do that also! Is my gemstone real? Is it a diamond? Is the watch worth fixing? Yes, we know that, too!

Don’t forget that we are also experts in silverware and sterling silver items such as tea sets, accessories, etc. If you are an attorney or estate planner, please contact us for more information regarding our estate appraisal services. Metro is USPAP compliant. Call us at 781-306-0099. We are also available for home, office, or bank appointments.