Congratulations! You’re almost done! Contact us today at 781-306-0099 to schedule a convenient appointment to get your beautiful new engagement ring appraised for insurance purposes. You can watch and wait while we take digital photos of your ring and prepare your appraisal. Your ring never leaves your sight so you can feel comfortable that you are in good hands. We will include every detail of gemstones and ring, including important details such as the designer, manufacturing method, laboratory report, place of purchase, etc. The more thorough the appraisal, the better chance of your insurance company providing you with a suitable “like and kind” replacement.

When our evaluation is completed, you will receive an original copy of the appraisal and one copy in PDF format, multiple digital photos, and a complimentary jewelry cleaning product. All done “while you wait.” Typically, allow at least 45-60 minutes for us to complete your appraisal. Before you leave, please ask us any questions at all regarding your ring. We are happy to give you the best advice. Metro Jewelry Appraisers has the reputation of being the friendliest and most consumer oriented of any appraisal company. Just read our reviews on www.ivouch.com .